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S/S Polo Shirts with Printed club Logo (sizes 8-14, S/M/L/XXL)    $40

Sport Shorts with Embroidered Logo (sizes 8-14, S/M/L)    $32

Sun Cap baseball style with full colour logo    $15

Bathers - Rival Brand (all black and embroidered with club logo)

Girls Trainer Bridgeback (CResist) (sizes 6-14)    $45

Womens Trainer Bridgeback (CResist) (sizes 8-20)    $45

Racers Force11 Bridgeback (sizes F4-F12)    $70

Force11 SpeedSuit  Female (sizes F4-F12)    $100 

Boys Trainer Swim Short (CResist) (sizes 6-14)    $35

Mens Trainer Swim Trunk (CResist) (sizes 14-22)    $35

Racers Force11 Swim Short Male (sizes M8-M16)    $70


Drink bottle with club logo $10

Goggles (various brands/styles) $15                       

Hand Paddles $15                                                                           

Pull Buoy $15                    

Finns/Flippers     $25

Long style            sizes      Junior    8-11, 11-1, 1-3                                                    

                                       Youth     3-5, 5-7, 7-9, 9-11, 11-13, 13-15  

Short style          sizes     XS 2-4, S 4-6, M 6-8, L 8-10, XL 10-12)      



*Please note: Club bathers, Swimming cap and T-Shirt/Polo Shirt must be worn at all team competitions, external competitions and normal club meets.

For a full list of, and prices of items available for purchase, and to place an order for uniforms and equipment, please see Vanessa Hanlon

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