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Club Championships

The club runs two Club Championship programs over the course of the year

  • Short Course conducted in the 25m indoor pool generally held in July-September (Term 3)
  • Long Course conducted in the 50m outdoor pool generally held in February and March (Term 1)



To be eligible to compete in Club Championships, swimmers must be fully financial and registered with Swimming Victoria.

  • Control of the Club Championships is the responsibility of the Committee
  • Entries for Club Championships will only be received by the Competitions Officer on the official club entry form.
  • Entries must be made for each individual event and will close one (1) week prior to commencement of the Championships.
  • The age group for each swimmer shall be determined as their age on the first night of the Championship they are competing.
  • The Competitions Officer will receive entries and allocate swimmers to heats and lanes. Where the number of entries requires multiple heats, the heats will be seeded and swimmers allocated to heats based on their fastest time recorded for that event.
  • All events will be swum in the programmed order, as determined by the Committee.
  • Championships will be run on a time trial basis and the judge’s decision will be final (subject to protest)
  • Where there are multiple heats for an event the Championship winner and place getters will be determined by the fastest times recorded.
  • All events swum at all Club Championships are available to all members in all age groups.
  • Entry fees will be determined by the Committee



Protests will only be accepted subject to the following conditions:

  1. Any protest against the conduct of a competitor during the event must be made with the Referee verbally, immediately after the contest.
  2. Every protest must be confirmed in writing and be accompanied by a deposit of $50, which will be forfeited in the case that, in the opinion of the Committee, the protest has been made without reasonable cause.
  3. All protests will be dealt with promptly by the Executive Committee
  4. Only appeals lodged in writing with the Secretary within three (3) days (72 hours) against a decision given in any protest will be accepted.



Swimmers are graded according to times regardless of age.



Events are held in all strokes and distances

  • 25m all strokes (8 years and under)
  • 50m all strokes, 100m all strokes & Individual Medley (short course pool only)
  • 200m all strokes & Individual Medley
  • 400m freestyle & Individual Medley
  • 800m freestyle
  • 1500m freestyle


Age Groups

Swimmers are divided into age groups as per the first day of the Championships. Age ranges 8U increamenting by 2 until 19 and over



Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each age group will be awarded.

An overall Club champion trophy will be awarded to the male and female swimmer with the highest accumulated point.



Points Awarded are calculated by the meet Manager System.


Entry Forms

1332886397 page_white_acrobat Short Course Entry Form 2016

 1332886397 page_white_acrobat Long course entry form 2016