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Children have the right to feel safe and be safe from sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Victorian organisations that provide services to children are required under the Child Safety and Wellbeing Act to ensure that they implement compulsory child safe standards to protect children from harm.

Organisations included are those that exercise care, supervision or authority over children, whether as part of its primary function or otherwise.

This section provides detailed information about the Child Safe Standards and how Sunbury Swimming Club meets these standards.


While the Child Safe Standards are underpinned by the understanding that all children are vulnerable, the three principles ask organisations to consider the increased vulnerability of Aboriginal children, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and children with disabilities.

These principles are important because of the increased vulnerability of these particular groups of children and young people – in that they are particularly vulnerable to being victimised, but also that they may encounter particular challenges in accessing reporting processes if an incident of abuse does occur, for a wide variety of reasons.

The principles are about more than just preventing criminal child abuse. While this is an important part of what they do, they also reflect the importance of emotionally safe, accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory environments and activities that encourage children to participate in and celebrate their identity. Research shows that providing safe environments for vulnerable children has positive, lifelong impacts that cannot be underestimated.


The Sunbury Swimming club follows the Swimming Victoria



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